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"DR System's eHR for Meaningful Use has been one of the most successful Healthcare IT Project implementations during my history at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. We set out to find a product that was flexible enough to meet our needs yet easy enough to implement given our aggressive time frame. The team from DR Systems and RAS were able to complete the project allowing for the attestation of 48 radiologists within a 90 day period during 2012. Achieving this goal set us up to fully qualify for Federal incentive payments. The true "Team Effort" enabled what was required to pull this project off, an impressive process that could not have been accomplished without the dedication of DR Systems professionals. Given our strong strategic partnership, we are happy to announce the expansion of the DR Systems Project to include replacing our legacy multi-vendor imaging infrastructure with the DR Unity RIS/PACS."

Craig Roy, Chief Information Officer at Radiological Associates of Sacramento, CA 
June 14, 2013

"As a radiologist, I realize that it's never been more critical for me than now to engage my patients. The future of radiology depends on patients understanding and appreciating radiology and radiologists. That will require new patient‐directed communication tools. Health Companion allows us to engage our patients in a meaningful way and promote better health management for their entire family."

Michael Trambert, M.D. at Cottage Health Systems, CA
May 20, 2013

"We did not hire extra staff for this program. We modified our workflow and adjusted existing staff's responsibilities to make the Meaningful Use Program work. DR systems was there every step of the way to support and guide us through this learning curve. The EHR system also comes with a personal health record (PHR) and patient engagement platform called Health Companion which is great for patients to pre‐register before their appointment and communicate with their providers after their visits. The EHR Incentive Program provides a nice incentive bonus for our imaging center. It is great that we can attest and expect the bonus payment for the next 4 years."

Linda Rose, Administrator at Breast Center of Acadiana, LA
April 1, 2013

"We were chosen as a beta site for DR Systems' eHR, and thisallowed us to give feedback to enhance the product and ensure it met our needs. We did change our workflow slightly to acquire the new data for meaningful use; however, we did not have to add any new employees. This was one of the cost-saving benefits of implementing DR Systems' eHR.It takes teamwork from the frontdesk to the technologist and we have had a great response from our staff to meet our meaningful use goals. DR Systems was a great part of our team. They have been very helpfulby answering questions and keeping things running. Receiving our check is a great reward for all the hard work."

Rick Mills, Administrator at Lake Medical Imaging, FL
February 25, 2013

Did You Know?

The system you implement should do more than help you collect a bonus payment; it should improve your workflow, enhance your patient care, and increase your clinical relevance. These are the benefits of a system designed specifically for medical imaging.